SUIT Matters skincare

SUIT Nude Skincare

Natures best

  • 100% natural: we only use natural raw materials. So pure that you can eat SUIT. But a chunck of pure chocolate has our preference ;-)
  • Non-toxic: no synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, surfactants.
  • 100% gluten free: We do not even win the vitamin E from wheat.
  • 100% vegan: We do not use ingredients derived from animals, not even wool fat or beeswax.
  • Essential oils and natural perfumes: they smell delicious and take care at the same time.


  • Skin care is not complicated. Filled up products are not necessary. Everything we put in a jar does matter.
  • At SUIT you do not pay expensive marketing, at SUIT you only pay the product.


Be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution. SUIT’s no waste policy

  • Least polluting packaging. The plastic airless pump packages give us the possibility to make products without harmful chemical preservatives. An additional box around it isn’t necessary.
  • As little as possible environmental damage. For example, we do not use ingredients whose winning is at the expense of the human and animal living environment. Palm oil is highly controversial because of the rainforest cutting and thus affecting the living environment of animals.
  • Complicated INCI names of ingredients are required. But decent English is not forbidden ;-) We are clear about all of the ingredients. Do you still have any questions? Let us know.
  • Nature is no dummy. Our products are biodegradable, the ingredients come directly from nature.